Streetwear Trends To Follow This Season

Sydney is no stranger to trendy streetwear styles. The city is a hub for fashion-forward individuals who are always looking to stay ahead of the latest trends. 

Here are some of the hottest looks you should be rocking this Autumn: 

1) Jerseys 

The baller jersey trend has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially on Sydney's streets. If you're looking for a way to update your wardrobe with an easily recognisable and stylish piece, getting a baller jersey is an excellent option - and luckily for you, we sell some great jersey options right here. 

When styling this trend, the key is to keep it simple. Pair one of our coloured jerseys with dark jeans or shorts to help create a balanced look. If you're feeling extra daring, try adding some colour to your outfit with a bright-coloured t-shirt underneath your jersey! 

Wack on your favourite pair of sneakers, your favourite watch, and our Krude AF Panel Hat, and you have yourself a trendy fit to wear for your day-to-day errands, or even a night out with your mates. 



2) Baller Shorts 


Look effortlessly cool in Krude AF's baller shorts. With our baller shorts drawstring waist and relaxed fit, these versatile bottoms will quickly become your go-to. 

The great thing about our baller shorts is that they can be styled in a variety of ways to suit any mood or activity. For a beachy Bondi look, pair them with an oversized tank top and sandals. If you're headed out for drinks with friends, style them with one of our designer tees and some sleek sneakers for an urban edge.

When it comes to accessorising them, the possibilities are endless. Throw on a baseball cap or pair of sunglasses to complete your beachy ensemble or add a statement necklace for an evening out. 

3) Designer Tees 


Designer t-shirts are an easy way to add a touch of luxury and pizzazz to any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or simply heading off to work, sporting a designer tee can show your sense of style while still keeping it fuss-free.

Krude AF's Designer Tees are made from heavy-weight, yet breathable materials, which ensures they do not tear, rip or fade easy. 

Here is how you can style our designer tees like a pro:

  • Style your designer tee with a pair of our baller shorts 
  • Add our panel hat, your favourite pair of jeans, and your favourite kicks 
  • Add a blazer or jacket over the top for the colder days 
  • Add some statement shades and your favourite watch 

4) Panel Hats 


Panel hats have been around for a while, but recently they have become even more popular - this can be seen on the streets of major cities around the world.

We have designed and created our very own Krude AF Panel Hat, and here's some ways to style it for your next day or night out: 

  • Go classic and pair your panel hat with jeans and a T-shirt
  • Stay within the streetwear trend and style your panel hat with one of our designer tees 
  • Express yourself and show off your personal style by adding a subtle hint of colour with a bandana or scarf tied around the back 

Streetwear isn't going away any time soon! Get your Krude AF clothing today and upscale your wardrobe. Don't forget to tag us in all photos with our apparel at #KrudeAF on Instagram to be featured. 

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